BIG CDC/ATSDR Chapter’s Charter Members:
Standing (L to R) – Harrington Smith, Johnny White , Bill Atkinson, Bill Nelson; Seated (L to R) – Johnnie Thomas, Jackie Beatty, Quo Vadis Nelson, Yvonne Young.

The CDC/ATSDR Chapter of Blacks in Government was chartered by eight CDC employees in 1988 (Figure 1). The Chapter received its charter that same year from the National organization at the 10th Annual Nation Training Conference of Blacks in Government in Washington, D.C. Since then, the CDC/ATSDR Chapter has been regarded as the “Flagship Chapter”, having won more awards than any other chapter operating under Regional IV and National.

The formation and charter of the chapter signaled a willingness by Black CDC/ATSDR employees to band together to act as an advocate of equal employment, promote achievement of full potential and professionalism, encourage pride and motivation in Black employees, and provide a support group to convey the concerns and interests of Black CDC/ATSDR employees to the CDC Director and managerial infrastructure.